Black Diamond Engagement Rings

Black Diamond Engagement Rings

Black diamond engagement rings are one of the rarest pieces of jewelry and are considered more expensive than any other diamond colors by far. The black diamond got its name because of its one-of-a-kind dark color. Usually, these diamonds are found in the Central African Republic and in Brazil, and are known to be the oldest diamonds in the world, as they are believed to be more than three billion years old.

If you are pining to get a black diamond engagement ring, then you have to be financially ready because they may just be as expensive as the other diamond colors. While the white diamonds have been the popular center stone for engagement rings, the black diamonds are also great especially for the people who are fashion-conscious. As they say, there is nothing classier than the color black. This diamond color will be perfect to pair with any color of outfit, plus it can have a casual look, when you wear it on a daily basis, and it can have a change in the look as well, as it can easily look great as a compliment to a formal dress. This is perfect if you want to wear it for special occasions.


The color black is usually associated with death, grief and darkness. Black diamond engagement rings however signify authority, power, strength and passion. This symbolism makes it a perfect gift especially when you are about to propose. The black diamond does not exactly have a black color; it only has a dark hue which is caused by sulfide deposits in the stones. This gives the diamond a grayish, black color.

The black diamond engagement rings are perfect for women of power, and for those women who have confidence. What’s even better about the black diamond is its perfect for both genders, so it is practically a perfect gemstone for engagement rings for both men and women.

When going for engagement rings, the most popular shapes are round and princess cuts, which make it a perfect shape for halo engagement rings and three-stone engagement rings with the black diamond as the center stone. This is the desired shape of the black diamond as they do not refract light.

Black diamonds are opaque, meaning they don’t glitter a lot so meaning you can either go for a bezel or a prong setting without experiencing any problem with how the black diamond shines. However, black diamond rings are perfect if you go for platinum, palladium or white gold metals, just so you can add on to the contrasting colors of the ring.

Shopping for black diamond rings can also be a challenge. Since these diamonds can be rare, it could be a challenge to look for one that has a high quality. In this case, you only have to consider the cut and the carat, since clarity is rarely checked. The only disadvantage of going for black diamond engagement ring is that you have to check for the shapes that will make it glitter, since it does not refract light to begin with. However, you have to set the type of ring that you want to buy according to your budget. This is because just like normal diamonds, black diamonds become more expensive when the sizes are bigger.

Make sure that you are buying high quality black diamonds! To make sure that you are buying a perfect one that suits your budget, don’t rush. Give yourself a couple of months to canvass, and buy from reputable jewelry stores as well!

We wish you the best of luck on your proposal! Your bride will surely love your black diamond engagement ring.