Platinum Engagement Rings

Platinum Engagement Rings

Platinum engagement rings are the best type of engagement rings available. It’s as simple as that.

What makes platinum engagement rings so special?

Platinum engagement rings are the perfect choice if you can afford it. Unfortunately, as with many things, the best option is also the most expensive. Platinum is the hardest precious metal, it is the most hard wearing, and the colour and overall look of platinum compliments diamonds perfectly.

Platinum Engagement Rings

Platinum Engagement Rings

Platinum also happens to be extremely rare, which is the main reason for the increased price tag. However, if you want the perfect diamond ring you need to look at platinum engagement rings.

Other than the look of platinum, these rings have other benefits too:

  • The hard wearing metal will last longer than any other precious metal without tarnishing.
  • The tough metal will protect the diamond with no fear of the set diamond falling out due to warped metal or metal fatigue.
  • Platinum engagement rings are the best choice if your partner is allergic to other precious metals. Some people have allergic reactions to gold jewellery, whereas the purity of platinum means they won’t have a reaction when wearing a platinum engagement ring.

If you have the budget, you won’t regret spending that bit extra to get a platinum engagement ring. We know how special your proposal is, and there is no other precious metal that gives a better “wow factor” when you show the ring to your partner. But remember the proposal is just the beginning of a long and happy life together! The ring you buy now will have to last many years to come. Platinum engagement rings are second to none for keeping well as you grow old together. The increasing rarity of platinum means it will not decrease in value. It will probably go up in value.

One final note, although platinum engagement rings are expensive for a one-off purchase, you should look at the price in the context of the length of time you will have it (or more accurately the time your partner will wear it). The money you spend now will give you value throughout your lives together, which can help put the cost of platinum engagement rings into perspective a bit.

Bonus Information about Platinum Engagement Rings


Platinum engagement rings are slowly becoming a trend for couples because of its durability. Who wouldn’t be attracted to go for platinum engagement rings when it can stand as a symbol of your love for a very long time?

What Is Platinum as A Metal For Engagement Rings?


Platinum is a very dense and durable metal that has been a top choice for men’s and women’s engagement rings. Platinum is considered to be among the finest, purest and rarest precious metals on earth and has a bigger atomic mass of over 60% than 14k karat gold. That is why this is the choice metal for engagement rings and wedding rings which are intended to be worn on a daily basis. Platinum is hypoallergenic and is safe for hypersensitive skin types and has a lustrous look which makes it a good combination with diamonds.

Another amazing thing about going for platinum as your engagement ring metal is that it does not tarnish. That is why it is able to maintain its beauty for a long time without having to do maintenance precautions.

Platinum Engagement Rings and White Gold Engagement Rings


If you are thinking of getting either white gold or platinum as your engagement ring metal, then it will be a good idea to be aware of their difference. Since these two have very common colors, then it is best to know the advantages of both in order for you to choose well.

Platinum and White Gold may look closely the same from the naked eye, Platinum can be distinguished from white gold as it has a grayish white color and while White Gold has a silvery white color. When it comes to metal color, Platinum has an advantage because it is naturally white in color, however white gold has different metal impurities that makes it white, and rhodium plating is reinforced on the ring so it can retain its white color. This only means that if you are after a white colored metal that does not need maintaining of rhodium plating every two years or so, then the platinum is the better choice.

In terms of prices, white gold is the more expensive metal compared to the Platinum metal. This is because Platinum is more dense, so more of the Platinum metal is needed to make a ring. Also, platinum metals are 95% pure while the average white gold which is around 14k gold would be around 58.5% gold, which is only a proof that Platinum is the more expensive choice.

When you think about durability, the Platinum is the more advantageous between the two. That is why it is the better option if you are going for bigger stones because Platinum prongs are more durable and can hold the stones with a higher stability than 14k Gold. But despite being the stronger metal, Platinum is the softer metal, which means platinum can be scratched easily than gold, however, the main difference is, when the 14k gold gets scratched, some of the gold comes off, and the scratch will look obvious. When Platinum gets scratched, it gets displaced creating a patina finish on the surface of the ring.

How to Shop For You Platinum Engagement Ring:


Once you are done with choosing the correct gemstones for your platinum engagement ring, then you can begin putting your focus on the precious metal. If you are going for a specific budget, try to find out the purity of your platinum ring. The rule of thumb is, the higher the purity, the more expensive it is, and there are many types of purities available for metal bands. You can discuss this with your jeweler if you are going for bespoke platinum engagement rings, or you can just check the paperwork of the platinum ring that you are thinking of buying so you can find out.

Another trick when buying platinum rings is to check the inside for “hallmarks”. If you see a hallmark that says “IridPlat” or “0.90Plat/Ir” then that basically means that the platinum ring is 90% pure, so you are supposed to get them at a more affordable price compared to the ones that have “Plat” or “0.95 Plat” as hallmarks as those are indicators that the platinum used is 95% pure.

If you are going for a customized platinum engagement ring, make sure that you get them from jewelers who are specialists in creating platinum ring designs, as not all jewelers are expert on working with platinum. However, since platinum is generally a harder metal than gold, then there may be limits in the designs available.


Platinum Engagement Rings are great especially if you intend to wear them on a regular basis! It will surely maintain its beauty for a very long time! Scratches will even make it prettier because of the Patina Finish the scratches create! Get your Platinum Engagement Rings today!