Here at engagement rings wiki we are passionate about engagement rings. We are using this passion to give you as much information as we can to help you choose the best engagement ring for you and your partner.

We understand how important an engagement ring is, and we also emphasise with men who need help with what is one of the most important purchases of their lives.

There is a lack of good informative websites that give honest and easy to digest information about engagement rings.

That’s why Engagement Rings Wiki was created!

Why use Engagement Rings Wiki?

There are loads of websites trying to sell you expensive engagement rings, but not many websites take the time to explain the differences between the various options. Here at engagement rings wiki, we do not sell any rings and we are not affiliated with any jewellers. Therefore you can be sure you are getting 100% impartial advice. Our aim is not to sell you the most expensive ring we can. We do not make commission or rewards for recommending certain types of rings. The site does make money through some adverts placed around the site to cover costs, but the main aim of this website is to inform, educate and help people learn more about engagement rings.