White Gold Engagement Rings

White Gold Engagement Rings

Gold has been used as gifts that symbolize wealth, wisdom and divinity since the Ancient times. In fact, the first objects of gold were discovered in Egypt and have been known to be at least five thousand years old! Over the years, the giving of gold has signified unison between royalties, everlasting friendships and deep love between couples. Golden jewelry usually comes in yellow or white gold. Both of these gold variants are available with engagement rings, and both of these options are great to make any proposal special.

If you are looking for a great looking modern ring with traditional values there are a huge selection of white gold engagement rings available to choose from.

White gold engagement rings are a great choice for many reasons. If your partner appreciates tradition then you can’t get more traditional than gold as a metal for an engagement ring. White gold engagement rings take this one step further by using colour to give it a modern twist.

The look of white and silver jewellery is very popular at the moment. It gives an elegant and sophisticated look and works very well when set with a clear stone such as diamond or moissanite.

Best of both worlds

White Gold Engagement Rings

White Gold Engagement Rings

Choosing a white gold engagement ring really gives you the best of both worlds in terms of price, beauty and sentimental value. The price of white gold engagement rings are more expensive and more durable than silver, but not as expensive as platinum. However, it does give a similar look and finish than platinum while saving you a bit of money.

White gold engagement rings also sit perfectly between traditional and modern designs. This is important to a lot of people when it comes to weddings and engagements.

What is white gold?

White gold technically isn’t the correct term. There’s no such thing as white gold. What we mean by white gold is gold that has been alloyed with another metal to lighten the colour. This is typically done with either palladium or nickel.

Something to watch out for, some people have allergic reactions to some types of white gold engagement rings, especially those made with nickel. Try to find out if this is the case for your partner before you choose white gold.

Colour of White Gold Engagement Rings

The name white gold is somewhat misleading. The colour of the metal is rarely white. In fact in most countries it is called grey gold. The reason is, as mentioned above, white gold is made from an alloy containing yellow gold and a light metal to get the desired colour.

The proportion of gold compared to other metals is measured by the carat rating. Typically you will see 9ct, 18ct or even 24ct (although 24ct is not as common as the others).

If you compare 9ct to 18ct you can sometimes see a warm yellow coloured tint in the 9ct white gold ring.

The thing with white gold is, it’s basic component is still yellow gold, so there is a big chance for the white gold to revert to its original color after a long time, to which a lot of jewelers offer free plating services to maintain the beauty of the white gold engagement ring.

Despite the fact that the white gold engagement ring has chances of reverting to yellow gold, it is still an irresistible engagement ring choice for a lot of women basically because of its beauty, and it fits most complexions and can emphasize any diamond color.

Difference Between White Gold and Platinum

A lot of individuals think about getting platinum instead of white gold. Since there has been a lot of questions on which is the better option between white gold and platinum, then you have to understand how different the two options are and how you will be better off going with white gold. As mentioned, since there is really no “pure white gold”, the yellow gold is just mixed with palladium and similar metals to give it a white color, and it can possibly revert back to its original yellow gold color, thus, individuals go for rhodium plating. Platinum, on the other hand has a natural grayish white color. But for it to be sold, the platinum has to be at least 90-95% platinum. You will find many differences on the color of the white gold and platinum though they both relatively look similar. White gold will look more silvery and the platinum will have a grayer color. So if you want something that is naturally shiny, then you can go for the white gold!

In terms of the cost, the white gold is relatively more affordable than platinum. Because white gold is more common than platinum, the price offers are lower if you go for the white gold option. The platinum is also more costly because it is denser than gold.  Also, the platinum bands are usually used for engagement rings for men, as these engagement rings don’t really need the glimmer of the women’s engagement rings.

White Gold Has More Advantages Than You Can Imagine!

It may be true that a lot of individuals will want to go for platinum rings, because in the essence, it is hypoallergenic and is safe for those who have allergies to certain metals. Though the white gold is relatively cheaper than platinum, it is the advantageous choice if you want something that you can consider an investment as gold is being used on the money markets! The value of gold is very important to the market, so if you have second thoughts, then you can kiss the second thoughts goodbye because the white gold is a worthy investment!

The white gold at most times is more versatile than the yellow gold and even more versatile than platinum. Because of its shiny white color, you can mix and match this metal with different kinds of gemstones. You can even go for different fancy diamonds as well!

When it comes to security and strength of the white gold that will be great for gemstone settings, the best choice to go for is the 18ct white gold. White gold is a good choice especially if you are going for intricate designs and prong settings because it is bendable compared to the Platinum which has a great tendency to crack over time.

What’s even better about the white gold engagement ring is that because of its popularity, these kinds of rings will have more designs available plus you can set a lot of allowances when you go for designing your own white gold engagement ring!

Things to note on if you are buying engagement rings:

Budget – this is the most important aspect on selecting the best white gold engagement ring. It is always important to get the white engagement ring that fits your budget perfectly, without having to sacrifice a lot just to pay for the ring! The choices you will be looking at will always depend if you can afford the ring or not, but rest assured that if you take the time to do your research and find out what’s good for your pocket and what’s not, then you are bound to find the perfect ring for your future wife. If you are looking for ways to buy it on installment basis, you can buy them with credit cards, personal loans or even through lay away plans offered by the jewelry stores.

Diamond 4Cs-this stands for Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat. These four determines the value of your diamond and it’s best to do a lot of research about it before you go ahead with your purchase!

Diamond Size-the rule of thumb for this one is, the bigger the diamond is, the more expensive it gets. There are so many diamond sizes that you can choose from. The key here is to know the right width of the engagement ring band so as to make the diamond size look great no matter how big it is!

Setting – the setting is important in order for you to be sure that the diamonds will be secured on the engagement ring. For diamonds, the best option is the prong setting, as this can offer a secure way of setting the diamond on the stone, plus it can allow light to get into the stone which will emphasize the sparkle of the diamond! Just make sure that you are getting the right prong numbers for specific types of diamond cuts

Reputable Jewelers – this is quite important as you definitely do not want to go for those jewelers can sell off substandard engagement ring quality. So, always go for the best stores in order to make sure that you are getting the best engagement rings available in the market!

Shop for your white engagement rings today and make your proposal special.