Asscher Cut Engagement Ring

Asscher Cut Engagement Ring

Asscher cut engagement rings are perfect if you want to go for diamonds with unique designs as they do not normally go with the usual diamond designs. The asscher cut has been a popular choice for more than a century. Because of its cut, it has given engagement rings a whole new level of sophistication.

The asscher cut engagement ring were the brainchild of Joseph Asscher and it was created in 1902 in Amsterdam, Holland. This cut easily became a popular gemstone cut in the art-deco designed jewelry. The asscher cut diamond was very different from the existing diamond cuts at that time. This design has become one of the most popular cuts until the company has closed in the 1930s because of the Great Depression. 15 years after the Great Depression, the company reopened and redesigned the Asscher cut stone, making the diamond table larger and made the corners smaller.

The typical asscher cut diamond looks like a square shaped diamond, but with cut corners so it will have a shape similar to that of an octagon. This makes it unique out of all the diamond cuts available in the market. This type of engagement ring is still a popular choice nowadays. Because of its unique design, this diamond cut can easily be incorporated with vintage engagement rings and contemporary engagement rings. With the older asscher cut engagement rings, you will find that they are leaning into the art-deco designs. When you go for antique or vintage engagement rings, you will find that a good number of high quality engagement rings have asscher cut diamonds. Contemporary rings are now given a new twist because they incorporate smaller asscher cut diamonds with multicolored bands to give a sophisticated and modern look to your engagement ring.

The most daunting part of choosing the perfect asscher cut engagement ring is probably choosing the one with the best diamond quality. Because of the way that the diamond has been cut, more depth of the diamond is easily seen. This means that the flaws and clusions can easily be seen so you have to be careful about choosing the correct ring. You can have the rings inspected by a professional jeweler before you decide to make your purchase.

With asscher cut engagement rings, you also have flexibility in choosing the correct metal band but mostly, the bands are only thin because you will want to emphasize the diamond cut. You can also go for different colors of gold (yellow, rose or white gold) or you may also go for the platinum band!

As for the asscher cut engagement ring settings, since you are looking into getting a diamond with a large stone, it will be best to go with the prong settings so you can allow the light to get into the ring. There are also other types of settings available for the asscher cut diamonds but the prong settings are the steadiest and are the ones that allow most light into the diamond.

The asscher cut engagement ring is perfect for both the classy woman and the woman who has a modern style. You can even use the assher cut engagement ring for everyday wear and even for formal wear.

You will never go wrong when you go for asscher cut engagement rings! Remember, when you go and buy your asscher cut engagement rings, make sure that you buy from the reputable jewelry stores to make sure that you are buying the engagement rings with the best value! Try looking for your asscher cut engagement rings in Blue Nile or at Brilliant Earth. You can even get your customized asscher cut engagement ring to give your engagement rings a more personal feel.

Good luck with your proposal!