Edwardian Engagement Rings

Edwardian Engagement Rings

Edwardian engagement rings are those engagement rings created during the reign of King Edward VII which lasted from 1901 to 1910. These rings were designed with elegance and an airy feel which give them that beautiful antique-like look. Most of these designs are made with the feel of grandiose because of its intricate patterns. When these rings were designed, they had an influence of the late-Victorian era of jewelry designs. With these kinds of rings, the designs are always ornate, compared to the modern engagement ring where geometry and simplicity of design have become a fad.

Because of the design of the Edwardian engagement rings, these are often worn on another finger other than the wedding ring finger because these do not match perfectly well with most wedding ring designs. However, it can be worn without thinking of the matching of designs with the simple wedding rings, but it still depends as this engagement ring type has a very big stone, and a bit complicated design on the sides of the stone, so wearing it beside the wedding ring might leave a gap in between rings. Most individuals wear it on the middle finger beside the wedding ring.

The Edwardian engagement ring is mostly found on the vintage engagement rings (please see our Vintage Engagement ring designs for more info) mainly because there are not a lot of jewelry designers who make them today. So basically, these types of engagement rings can be very pricey. This is because it is delicately designed and the bands are usually made of platinum. The diamond is always big and may have flowers, birds or bows as designs on the sides and mostly the shapes are marquise, baguette and emerald cuts which made the ring very interesting as it went away from the normal look of engagement rings.

When shopping for the perfect Edwardian engagement ring, you have to be careful about choosing the right one. Since most of these kinds of engagement rings are vintage, this means that you have to carefully check the setting of the diamond because the prongs or bezels might not be able to hold the gemstones firmly, and you might even lose the stones without noticing it. So make sure that you check if the prongs are still sturdy. You can ask your trusted jeweler to check this for you. Edwardian engagement rings are very expensive, so you have to make sure that you are investing in the right engagement ring.

If you want something that will spell drama and romance, then you can go for this type of engagement ring, however, you have to be careful in buying your Edwardian engagement ring because there are a lot of fake vintage rings being sold out. What’s best is to buy the Edwardian engagement ring at reputable jewelry stores and make sure that you are buying the ones with appropriate paperwork so you don’t get burned out with the money that you will invest in it. If you want to find the best Edwardian engagement rings, you can visit Brilliant Earth at http://www.brilliantearth.com/edwardian-engagement-rings/ and check their selection of Edwardian engagement rings that you can purchase with different payment options!

There are other Edwardian engagement rings which are available on the market and a lot of them are sold as estate rings, or sold off in auctions. You may also go for these rings provided that you have them inspected by a jeweler before you decide to make a purchase.

Going for Edwardian engagement rings are perfect if you are proposing to a classy woman! She will surely love that you took the time into finding an engagement ring perfect for her personality! Go for this ring today.