Blue Diamond Engagement Rings

Blue Diamond Engagement Rings

The blue engagement ring has symbolized new beginnings, protection, care and strength a man has for the woman he chooses to get married. It can also be considered a remembrance of peace and deep affection. This is why the blue engagement ring has been in demand with a lot of individuals who want to do away with the normal color of the diamond.

A lot of individuals have wondered if blue diamonds are real. But they really are naturally blue! These diamonds get their blue color when boron gets mixed with carbon during the early stages of its formation. These types of diamonds are extremely rare, so you can expect to buy them at a higher price compared to the normal diamonds. Because of its rare colors, a lot of collectors are desperately trying to get their hands on blue diamonds as these are rare items! The blue diamond is available in different shades of blue from the lightest to the darkest shades There are also greenish blue and turquoise blue colors are available, however, the natural blue hue is the most expensive of the colors because it is the rarest shade.


When you shop for blue diamonds, always start by setting your budget as to how much you can spend on a blue engagement ring without breaking the bank. Since blue diamond engagement rings can be very expensive, you can go for financing options like using your credit card, going for a personal loan or a layaway plan from the jeweler. There’s nothing wrong with investing for the woman you spend the rest of your life with. Just make sure you don’t go for broke when spending one. There are tons of sizes of blue diamonds available, and you will definitely find that one ring that fits your budget.

blue-stone-engagment-ringChoosing the right blue diamond engagement ring is also something that you have to spend time on, as you have to choose the right setting. Just like the settings on white diamonds, you can go for the prong settings so you can allow the maximum amount of light to enter the stone to make it shine and to emphasize the color. For the band choice, you can go for platinum or white gold as this will greatly emphasize the color of the diamond. However, when you select the band and metal color, take your time and make sure that you look at lots of options before ultimately deciding for one because the metal color can greatly influence the beauty of the engagement ring. So take your time, and ask the reputable jewelers for great options!

You also have to remember that choosing the right diamonds will also involve checking for the 4Cs however, for these, the color will greatly influence the price for the blue diamonds. As with the price, the blue diamonds go by the rule of thumb: the bluer the diamond is, the higher the prices go. So if you are willing enough to spend for your fiancée, then you have to prepare to shell out a higher amount when going for blue diamonds. Because of the rarity of the blue diamond, you may have to search for it from top jewelers, or have it customized. If you want something that looks exclusive, then you can go for this option!

When buying your blue diamonds, make sure that you ask for proper paperwork! This is because there are lots of fake blue diamonds being distributed in the market, so make sure that you get the diamond that comes with a GIA certification. And always make sure that you are buying from reputable jewelers to make sure that you are not being ripped off!

Go ahead and start shopping for your blue engagement ring and make your proposal unforgettable.