Amethyst Engagement Ring

Amethyst Engagement Ring

What Is An Amethyst Engagement Ring?

The amethyst engagement rings are the relatively new engagement rings. Its center stone, Amethyst is quartz and is available in wide selection of different hues. The colors can range from light purple to dark color. Its colors are influenced by the iron component in the crystal’s chemical structure. The amethyst engagement ring has deep religious histories. The amethyst is symbol of spirituality, integrity, and purity of heart. This color has also been known to represent pride, nobility and royalty.

Symbolic Meaning of the Amethyst Engagement Ring

The amethyst has been known to help individuals with their sleeping problems and can alleviate mental troubles. Since the amethyst engagement rings also stand for purity, it is selected to send a message that the love an individual has for his future wife is not influenced by surrounding circumstances. Because of this symbolism, the amethyst engagement ring has been the top choice for those who want something that has a lot of meaning and is easy on the budget compared to diamond engagement rings.

A lot of women who are born in the month of February receive amethyst engagement rings primarily because Amethyst is the birth stone of the said month. If the person that you want to propose to is born on the month of February, Amethyst is also a perfect choice because the selection of ring will have a personalized feel and will give an impression that you have taken the time to select the ring that best represent’s the personality of your future wife.

Amethyst Engagement Ring Designs

The amethyst engagement rings are available in all possible designs much like the normal diamond engagement ring. The most common designs made of amethyst engagement rings, are of the modern engagement ring styles. But if you want to do away with the normal modern engagement ring, you can also go for the vintage engagement ring styles.

If you’re going for the vintage engagement ring, there’s really no need to stick to the traditional vintage design. The most popular engagement ring designs for amethysts are usually Art Deco rings which focus on geometrical shapes and bold patterns, figural ring designs, wide band ring designs, eternity rings, three-stone engagement rings with the amethyst as the center stone or a halo engagement ring with the amethyst center stone and a halo of small diamonds on the sides.

Bespoke Amethyst Engagement Ring

One way of getting the best amethyst engagement rings is by going for a customized ring! You can do a lot of research as to the design of the engagement ring. The key is to match the gemstone well with the design and the color of the band to make sure that you are maximizing your budget.

A lot of individuals have gone for amethyst engagement rings with traditional designs, using white gold or platinum as the metal band. There are also styles that have tricolor metal bands to with simpler ring design to give the amethyst engagement rings a more interesting look.

Because of the properties of this particular gem stone, you will be able to combine it with all possible designs made for the traditional diamond engagement rings, however, it would seem a little less fashionable to go for the overly lacey vintage designs. The color of the amethyst is already a symbolism of mystery and spirituality, so it will be a good contrast to match it with the simple designs. This is exactly why modern amethyst engagement rings are the in-demand choice when going for this engagement ring style.

Go for the engagement ring that says how pure your love is to the person you intend to marry today! Get your amethyst engagement ring today.