Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

The Pear Shaped Engagement Rings is a great alternative if you are getting tired of the regular princess or round cut engagement rings. These engagement rings offer a great alternative if you want to go away from the traditional looking engagement rings, however you have to know a few things before you go and shop for your pear shaped engagement rings!

The Pear cut diamonds are also known as “teardrop” or “pendeloque” shapes, and this is a shape that was made as a combination or the round and marquise cut diamonds, which means that one of the sides is round, while the other side is pointed so it does resemble the shape of a pear. All in all, the creation of this cut involves cutting of 58 facets on the stone.

I want to go for the Pear-Shaped Engagement Rings, but What Are the Benefits?

This particular ring style isn’t as popular as the other styles of engagement rings, and then you will definitely make a standout and unique statement that’s different from all the others who already engagement rings with traditional shapes and looks! What’s great about the pear-shaped engagement rings is that they go a long with a lot of beautiful styles, so you already have a lot of styles to choose from. This ring style also comes in designs with different side stones, and since most of the pear shaped cut diamonds are colorless, you will find the style that fits the cut in a beautiful way! Also, since this shape involves a lot of facets, it does not normally require a high clarity like the princess or round cut engagement rings as the number of facets already hide the internal flaws if ever there are some flawless! Another good point about the pear shaped engagement rings is because one of the sides are elongated to a point, then this will look bigger than the normal diamond cuts that have the same carat. The pear-shaped cut diamond is also a great cut to choose as this will give your fingers an elongated look which will make your fingers look slimmer.

Cut is the most important thing to look at when shopping for the pear-shaped engagement ring. Yes it may be true that the 4Cs are important when choosing the right diamond, but when it comes to this shape of diamond, and then you have to be really careful about the diamond shape because this will determine the beauty of the diamond cut engagement ring! The cut has to be perfectly symmetric, and the point of the shape has to fall exactly opposite the apex of the rounded side. Also, the sides must be shaped in an identical way leading to the apex, and no sides should come off uneven.

Another thing that individuals might want to consider about the pear shaped engagement ring is the length-to-width ratio of the ring. The typical ratio should be about 1.45 to 1.75, but you can choose the ratio that suits your preferences and it definitely will not affect the look.

How does its shape affect the color of the diamond?

Because of the particular shape of the pear cut diamonds, the diamonds can come off as a little darker than it usually is. So you have to consider the color that you are aiming for. If you want a visibly clear color, then you can go for the highest quality of colorless diamonds.

What about the price?

Because of the difficulty of cutting the pear shaped engagement rings, this particular diamond style is considered the second most expensive diamond. So if you are working on a budget but want to go for the pear shaped diamond, then you can go for this price, and just make configurations by choosing a smaller diamond.

Which is the best kind setting for this shape?

Because the pear shaped diamonds can appear somewhat darker, then it is best to go for the prong settings in order for the diamond to get a lot of light. The ideal number of prongs for this shape is 6 prongs.

We hope that you have fun in choosing your pear shaped engagement rings! But remember, don’t rush! Give yourself at least a couple of months before you select the right diamond in order for you to get the perfect one for your future bride!