Cubic Zirconia Engagement Rings

Cubic Zirconia Engagement Rings

The Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring is the cheaper option that looks like a diamond on the first look, but it does not have the same durability. A lot of individuals have gotten cubic zirconia engagement rings to save a lot of money.

The cubic zirconia engagement rings became popular during the 1980s. Since the cubic zirconia gemstones look very much like real diamonds, it was used on all kinds of jewelry, and is set on different metals like sterling silver and gold.

Cubic Zirconia is also known as CV has been used as an inexpensive substitute to diamond. To the naked eye, the cubic zirconia looks like a real diamond and that is it is used to a lot of jewelry items. If you think that the cubic zirconia can be a substitute to the diamond ring, some jewelers may beg to disagree. This is because unlike diamonds the CZs can easily get scratches and can become dull after a long time. They also lose their sparkle especially if you wear them often. The Cubic Zirconia is a synthetic gemstone that is widely used on pieces of jewelry to serve as a substitute for diamonds.

For those who don’t have a lot of knowledge about diamonds, seeing a cubic zirconia might not look so different. HoweverThe easiest way to tell a diamond from a cubic zirconia engagement ring is by doing a Huff test. You can huff on a diamond and a cubic zirconia engagement ring, and you will find that the fog on the cubic zirconia takes a little longer to glear up. This is attributed to its lower thermal conductivity compared to the diamond.

The cubic zirconia engagement rings are available in different colors and these are colorless or white, pink, blue, orange, purple, green and light brown. If you are looking for the engagement ring color that represents the personality of the person that you want to propose to, then this can also be an option. The good thing about cubic zirconian engagement rings is that it doesn’t a lot of price difference from the regular cubic zirconia colorless gemstone.

If you are really having some budget constraints, but want to give a beautiful engagement ring, then you can consider going for the cubic zirconia engagement ring. But always remember, cubic zirconia engagement rings may come in cheaper amounts, but something has to give! The cubic zirconia engagement ring can easily lose the sparkle after a few uses!

The clarity of the zirconia engagement rings is also great, as their quality practically looks the same as the diamond that has F clarity. So it is already a quality engagement ring in terms of clarity because it doesn’t fall far behind in term of gemstone clarity. Also, since the zirconia engagement rings are grown in a lab, it is virtually flawless whereas the diamond has internal flaws and blemishes.

If you are thinking of getting colored zirconia engagement rings, you are definitely going to save a lot of money. In the essence, the fancy coloured diamonds are a lot expensive compared to the price of zirconia engagement rings.  However, the cubic zirconia engagement rings are not a good investment, therefore, they do not have a lot of value.

Given the disadvantages of getting zirconia engagement rings, they are just as beautiful as the real diamond ring. If you are having issues with the price of the real diamond, then this is the perfect choice! The price and the value of the cubic zirconia engagement ring makes it easily replaceable in the event that you lose the cubic zirconia engagement ring!