Antique Engagement Ring

Antique Engagement Ring

Getting engaged is considered one of the most wonderful times in the course of your life together with the person you love. This only means that you are ready to spend your lifetime with that one person, and that you want to do your best in making this special someone happy for the rest of your life. This is the primary reason why engagements are so stressful. One of the biggest causes of stress in engagements is the selection of the engagement ring. A big number of the men do not know the right engagement ring is for their future wife, so they just go on getting the most expensive engagement rings they can afford. Little do these men know that there is an advantage to getting an engagement ring with a lot of story to tell is just as great as giving an expensive engagement ring.

This is why a lot of the smart guys give antique engagement rings. This is because these kinds of rings have a lot of love stories to tell, and it has been handed down from one generation to another to tell a story of love. If you want something that has stood for many sentimental love memories, then the antique engagement rings are the ones you should go for! These types of engagement rings have a timeless and elegant beauty.

A lot of individuals mistake antique engagement rings as vintage engagement rings. Vintage engagement rings are the ones that are 30 years old, at the most, but antique engagement rings are the ones that are 50 years old and older.

There are different kinds of antique engagement rings. There are Georgian engagement rings, Victorian engagement rings, Edwardian engagement rings, art nouveau engagement rings, art deco and retro engagement rings. These styles have different themes that can definitely fit the personality of your future wife.

If you are looking for Grecian-inspired designs, you can go for the Gregorian engagement ring. These rings are made around the 1700-1800s. These may be difficult to find, but this will definitely be cherished for many years to come.

The Victorian engagement rings are created in the 1800-1900s. These rings were more like invented to celebrate the life and the times of Queen Victoria.

Art Nouveau Rings were made in the 1800-1900s and features flowing lines with natural themes.

If you want an airy look that has flower and ribbons as its main theme, then you can go for Edwardian rings! These rings were borne out of the Victorian engagement ring designs.

There are also art deco rings that feature geometrical designs with contrasting colors. This type of antique engagement ring is perfect if you are proposing to a woman with a funky personality!

Antique engagement rings can be difficult to find, but you will be able to find one in auction sales, estate sales, internet stores and antique jewelry stores. However, before you go and shop for your antique rings, make sure to take note of a few things! Make sure that the rings have come with paperwork with its estimated age. Also the ring should come with paperwork that certify the authenticity of the ring, plus the diamonds and the gemstones that are set on it. Also, you have to get the ones that have a money back guarantee, so you can have a chance to have it checked by a professional jeweler. And lastly, make sure that you are buying from a reputable store to make sure that you are not investing on a rip off!

We hope this page helps in your search for the right antique engagement ring for your proposal.