Pink Diamond Engagement Rings

Pink Diamond Engagement Rings

The Pink Diamond Engagement Rings are one of the most expensive engagement rings ever to be sold on the jewelry industry. The pink diamond is considered the sweetheart of the different diamond colors as the color pink stand for creativity, love and romance! Though it mostly does have the same meanings as the red diamonds, the pink diamond will represent the mentioned characteristics in a more subtle level, which is suitable for those ladies who have simple personalities.

The pink diamond basically has the same chemical properties like the colorless diamonds. What make the pink diamond even more beautiful is that is has a hardness rating of 10.0 according to the Moh’s hardness rating scale, so you are guaranteed that the pink diamond engagement ring will hold up to its original beauty and shape for a long time. What gives this diamond its pink color is because of trace elements in its composition like nitrogen or Boron.  However, this is just a theory which only implies that the real reason behind the pink color of this diamond still remains a mystery to this day.

round-pink-diamond-engagement-ringBecause of the rarity of the pink diamonds, there are just a few laboratories who can issue an accurate color for it, and these are the Gemological Institute of America and the International Gemological Institute (IGI). The grade of the pink colored is separate because the quality grading for this specific diamond color is based on the hue, tone and saturation of the diamond. To make sure that you are buying high quality pink engagement rings, make sure that they come with proper paperwork issued by either the GIA or IGI. The advantage of getting pink engagement rings that has paperwork from this particular laboratories is that they can determine if the diamond are naturally pink, or just enhanced to have a pink color.

The cut grade which ranges from Ideal/Excellent to Good and eye clean clarity of SI2 and above are the best grade parameters that you should go for when looking for pink diamond engagement rings.

The pink diamond engagement rings are very rare just like the blue diamond engagement rings, and that is why this particular diamond color is more expensive than other diamond colors. The rule of thumb of diamond pink pricing is, the darker the hue of the pink diamond, the higher the price. In connection to this, the most preferred ones are the ones that have a consistent pink color that goes with secondary white sparkles. There are different color ratings which are light fancy pink, fancy pink, fancy intense pink and fancy vivid pink.


If you want to go for this particular engagement ring color but cannot afford the price of the naturally pink diamond engagement rings, then you can go for alternatives such as the pink color enhanced diamonds, and these are diamonds that have undergone treatment like heat and pressure and irradiation to have the pink color. There also man-made synthetic pink diamonds that have the same look and chemical compositions of the pink diamond, but these are the ones which are grown in laboratory. These are more or less the usual alternatives for those who want to get diamonds which have the pink color.

The best way to shop for pink diamond engagement rings is to go for reputable stores like Blue Nile (, Zales ( and Created Diamonds ( These stores offer diamonds that have exquisite beauty and the highest quality in the market. You will also be assured that the pink diamonds also come with the proper paperwork from GIA an IGI.

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