Unusual Engagement Rings

Unusual Engagement Rings

There are a lot of individuals who are in the lookout for something to give their fiancées which will definitely stand out from all the others while not looking so much like an engagement ring. Those individuals usually go for unusual engagement rings. If you plan to make your proposal something that your fiancée will definitely find memorable, you can go for something new by giving this kind of engagement ring.

Why do individuals give engagement rings in the first place? While this practice is not universally done, there are still aspects of the wedding that follow the norms of giving something symbolic to the person that you intend to marry. This signifies the other person that you have intentions to follow through on your wedding proposal as you are already investing on to your promise of fidelity to your partner.

This is why people have the practice of giving engagement rings to their future partners. However, more and more men have seen the need of giving unusual engagement rings that can be used to symbolize the story of their love, or represent the personality of their future partner.

If you’re wondering what unusual engagement rings are, these are the ones that go against the normal look of engagement rings that are usually diamond rings with platinum or gold bands. Going for the unusual engagement ring can extremely help in terms of getting the right style that fits the personality of your fiancée. This is very similar to the bespoke engagement rings.  However, the unusual engagement rings use different kinds of gemstones aside from diamonds.

As they say, the unusual engagement rings do away with tradition. So it’s quite normal to find unusual engagement rings using other gemstones! Because this will have a significant symbolism for your partner, its sentimental value makes it all the more special.

Are you looking on where you could buy unusual engagement rings? Well, the thing with the unusual engagement ring is, it doesn’t follow the normal engagement ring. Sometimes, even a diamond engagement ring can be considered an unusual engagement ring because of the diamond cut and color. However, you can also go for engagement rings with different gemstones. You can do try going for an engagement ring with the gemstone that symbolized the birth month of your partner. Let’s say that your partner’s birthday is July. The birthstone that symbolized July is the Ruby. So you can choose an ring with a large ruby set on it just like these:



You can go for different personality types. For example, if your partner is into gothic things, then you can go for a onyx engagement ring like that looks like this:


For those ladies who are have regal personalities or nature lovers, the emerald engagement ring is also a great option. You can go for emerald engagement rings that look like this:



For those quiet types, you can choose a sapphire engagement ring that looks like this:



Basically, with the unusual engagement ring, you have a lot of choices to choose from, and you have most control of your budget. However, you can still add a flavor of the traditional engagement ring by choosing the unusual engagement ring that has small diamond stones set on the side to make things more interesting and to add drama to your proposal.

What’s great about it is you get to save a lot of money! For this type of engagement ring, you can even select a good metal for the band because you have a lot of budget for allowances!

Visit your reputable jewelry store today and look for your unusual engagement rings. Have fun looking for one!