Custom Engagement Rings

Custom Engagement Rings

Custom engagement rings are also termed as “bespoke engagement rings” and these are the options of those who want to maximize their budget for engagement rings and at the same time, give their proposals a personalized twist. A lot of men have gone for this kind of engagement rings because they want to give something that tells a lot about the story of their love to the women that they want to marry.

In a lot of ways, each relationship has its own story to tell. Because of the uniqueness of the love shared by two people, the engagement ring should say a lot about how different the shared love among the rest of the people who are in love.

Benefits of Going For Custom Made Engagement Rings

There are lots of people who go for ready-made engagement rings, who only go for splurging their fiancées with an expensive engagement ring. Giving custom engagement rings will not just give you chances to save money, but also, it will be a way to stand out among the rest because you have taken the time to add a personal touch to your engagement.

The Pros and Cons of Customizing Your Engagement Ring

Going for custom made engagement rings has certain benefits like you can give something that is made from a personal inspiration, or something that reflects your personality, or the personality of the person that you are proposing to. This kind of engagement ring can also reflect your personal interests and values. You can give a unique ring, without going for an extremely expensive ring that only a few people can afford.

There are just a few downsides to getting bespoke engagement rings. If you’re using high quality metals, and high quality gemstones, then there is a chance that it can turn out to be a very expensive ring. However, there are tricks of the trade that you can go for if you really want to save. You can go for thinner bands, with affordable precious metals. You can also go for a smaller diamond, or go for a group of small diamonds to customize a cluster engagement ring. Another way of saving when going for a custom engagement ring is going for different gemstones and not sticking for the diamond engagement ring!

Customized engagement rings usually take longer to create, unlike ready-made engagement rings that you can buy off the jewelry store, plus you will not see the actual look of the ring, unless it is released to you, so there is a risk of your expectations not being met.

Despite the disadvantages of getting  this kind of engagement ring, you will have the best experience if you have enough time and money to invest!

Tips in going for Customizing Your Engagement Ring

There are a few things that you might want to understand. When gong for your engagement ring, you have to make a draft of the design that you have in mind. Once you have the design, then you can consult a professional jeweler. You have to take note that not all designs are available in some precious metals, but the professional jeweler can definitely tell if you’re design is good to go, or if there are certain things that they need to redesign. You can consult with at least three jewelers so you have a ballpoint figure of the budget that you will spend, and also, so you can manage your expectations on the designs that you are going for.

Lastly, make sure that you get documentations for warranty from the jeweler, in case something goes wrong with the engagement ring. Get insurance for the ring as well!