Palladium Engagement Rings

Palladium Engagement Rings

The palladium engagement rings have been a great option for a lot of men who want to propose to their future wives. It may be so that the palladium engagement ring is not as popular as gold and platinum, but it does have a lot of advantages that you will not find with the other precious metals.

Palladium: A Rare Precious Metal

Palladium can be considered one of the rarest metals in the world and is a member of the same metal family as Platinum, although they have different atomic masses, which makes Palladium lighter than Platinum. The Palladium is also referred to as one of the”Noble Metals” because of their ability to withstand different climate and environmental factors that can change its appearance. Palladium was made into engagement rings for both men and women because it has a naturally white color, which is slightly lighter than the color of Platinum. Another great asset of this previous metal is it is extremely durable and will retain its original color for a long time! The Palladium can be a little more expensive than gold but a little more affordable than platinum, so if you are looking for a something that has the classic look of white gold, but has the durability of platinum, then palladium is the best option for you. The palladium engagement rings are also a great option for those who have hypersensitive skin because they are hypo-allergenic.

Advantages of the Palladium Engagement Rings

Palladium engagement rings are extremely resistant to tarnishing, extreme heat and exposure to chemicals, which is why it is perfect if it will be used on a daily basis. It is also more affordable engagement ring to invest on because it is weighs half as much as platinum. In terms of its color retention, what makes the Palladium Engagement Rings excellent is that it retains its original color for a really long time without needing any sort of plating unlike the white gold engagement rings. Since it has a bright white color, it can be the perfect alternative to the white gold engagement ring, and can compliment any colored gemstones that you want to be set on the palladium engagement rings.

Cons of Palladium Engagement Rings

There are downsides to palladium engagement rings that you need to know. Since palladium is considered a rare metal, not a lot of jewelers have experience working with this kind of metals. Therefore, if you are thinking of getting a custom made palladium rings, there may be limitations to the designs that the jewelers can do. There are also problems when you need your palladium engagement rings and if the repaired spots will have an obvious mark.

Palladium: The New Metal Of Choice

There has been an increasing demand for palladium nowadays, which is why more and more jewelers are studying to create designs out of this previous metal. Because of its metallic properties and its color, this is considered one of the best options, however limited the designs are.

Tips When Buying Palladium Engagement Rings

One of the things that you need to look out for is the grade of the Palladium Engagement Ring band. A lot of individuals are already aware on the things to look out for in the diamond, but for the case of the Palladium Engagement Rings, you have to look out for the qualities of the metal. You have to be aware of the alloy metal used. For a lot of individuals, they go for Ruthenium alloyed platinum because of its durability.

Also, make sure that you get the palladium engagement rings that come with proper paperwork that indicates the grade and alloy of the platinum used to create the ring.