Men’s Engagement Rings

Men’s Engagement Rings

There has been a new trend in the in the couple’s world in the last few years and it is the giving of engagement rings to the men. It is not really known how giving of engagement rings to men has started, but it may be related with the growing equality of the men and women in the society. It has been known that men communicate more with actions than with words, so the promise of a lifetime commitment is made by giving an engagement ring to the lady they want to marry. While it seems just normal for men not to receive engagement rings from their fiancées, it also makes perfect sense for the men to receive an engagement ring too, given that the promise of love and fidelity is a lifetime commitment made by both the man and the woman. It makes great sense for the lady to give an engagement ring too.

Over the recent years, the demand for men’s rings has considerably gone up which shows that there has been changes in the trends of the jewelry world. During the earlier times when rings were only used in weddings, the men were not so keen about getting wedding rings, let alone an engagement ring. Nowadays, even men get engagement rings from their fiancées. Because the latest generations of men are more comfortable wearing jewelry, it is only sensible for them to feel comfortable with wearing an engagement ring, although men still get taken aback when their fiancées give them engagement rings too. The idea of the men’s engagement ring can be seen as showing equality to both the men and the women. If a man can “reserve” a woman for marriage, then it’s just normal for the ladies to “reserve” their men for marriage too.

The typical men’s engagement rings are made of platinum or titanium with small diamonds set on a thicker band. The designs are somewhat simpler than the women’s engagement rings. If you are looking for an engagement ring for you fiancé, then you can also involve yourself in designing the ring, and choosing the gemstones that you want to be set it the engagement ring. You can even choose the type of band that you want, you can go for yellow or white gold, or you can go for the titanium or platinum option. However, you have to know the ring size of your fiancé, because some designs of the brand new men’s engagement rings cannot be resized, so you have to be precise.

Here are some shopping tips if you are looking for an engagement ring for your fiancé:

  1. Set Your Budget!

Men’s engagement rings can be very expensive. Normally, you can buy a beautiful men’s engagement ring for $500 to $800 because men’s engagement rings have smaller diamonds of gemstones and have simpler designs. You can also go for a designer brand name which can cost more than a thousand dollars. If you really want to spend for a beautiful engagement ring for your fiancé, you can go for financing options too! You can use your credit card, get a personal loan, or go for a layaway plan! Just make sure that you don’t go for broke when spending for an engagement ring.

  1. Take his Lifestyle and His Taste Into Consideration

Because rings come in different shapes and sizes, and designs, it will be just sensible to pick the right style that will fit his personality. If he dresses in plain shirts and pants then you can go for a simple design. But if he likes to dress in flashy clothes, then you can go for the more elaborately designed rings. Also, try to visualize if he will wear it every day, or just on special occasions.

  1. Choose the type of ring that will symbolize how you feel about your partner

One way of doing this is by going for customized men’s engagement rings! You can even tell the story of your love with the design of the engagement ring.

Giving engagement rings to show your love for your fiancé is a great idea! Go for this option and show your eternal commitment to your fiancé.