Pearl Engagement Rings

Pearl Engagement Rings

Giving of pearl engagement rings to your fiancée is something that will surely catch her attention, especially if she’s the type of person who wants to do away from the norms of having a diamond engagement ring. Why wouldn’t she? Pear engagement rings have the sophisticated and simple beauty that can be matched to any outfit!

There has been an increase in the demand for engagement rings other than the diamond engagement ring. One of the most beautiful engagement rings available other than the diamond engagement ring is the pearl engagement ring, particularly the one that has a halo of diamonds surrounding it. Although it has been said that pearls are generally less expensive than diamonds, there are times when pearl engagement rings can actually be more expensive, depending on the size of the pear, the gemstones, and the quality of the metal band. In reality, pearls are more difficult to set compared to gemstones, which actually makes it more expensive as it requires the expertise of a skilled jeweler for it to have a stable setting.


Pearls have also been considered one of the classic pieces of jewelry and are considered precious jewels because they are produced by a living organism found under the sea. There are actually two types of pearls which are fresh water pearls and salt water pearls. No matter what type of pearl it is, they are all known as the “stone of sincerity”, which means it can very well symbolize the sincere love that you have for the person that you want to marry.  Pearls are also known to stand for faith, charity, innocence, integrity, truth and loyalty, which means it symbolizes all things pure.


Pearls are not just limited to the white or off-white color. There are different pearl colors that you can choose from. There are gray, blue, green and purple pearls that you can choose from. Since pearls come in different colors, then you can choose the one that best symbolizes your future wife’s personality.

There are different styles of pearl engagement rings that you can those from. There are solitaire engagement rings, where a single pearl is set as the center stone of the ring. Another style is the accented pearl rings, where the pearl is set with diamond side stones. Halo pearl rings are the engagement rings where the pearl is made as the center stone and it is being surrounded by smaller diamonds which form a shape resembling a halo. There are also cluster pearl rings, where a cluster of small pearls are set so they form a specific shape. You can choose the style that fits your budget, but no matter what style you choose, your fiancée will definitely love the fact that you took the time in choosing a pearl engagement ring as a symbol of your love for her.


When shopping for pearl engagement rings, it is best to make sure that you are shopping for a genuine pearl in order to be not ripped off by buying a fake engagement ring. You can test if a pearl is real by rubbing it with another pearl. If you sense a little friction, then most probably, that pear is genuine. Also, you might want to check if the pearl that you are buying is perfectly rounded, because pearls are never perfectly round. However, you can only do so much checking, but in order for you to be sure that you are buying genuine pearls, make sure that you are buying them from reputable stores!

Pearl engagement rings are one of the most popular rings that you can go for! Choose your pearl engagement  rings today!