Ruby Engagement Rings

Ruby Engagement Rings

In the recent years, there has been a growing trend in giving engagement rings that are out of the ordinary, and one of the popular choices for couples who want to go for unique engagement rings are ruby engagement rings. Normally, couples go for the diamond engagement rings though giving diamond engagement rings can seem like a passé for a lot of individuals. This is probably because of the excellent marketing strategies of giving ruby engagement rings over the years. However, a lot of individuals forget the fact that other kinds of gemstones last just as long as the diamond engagement rings and ruby is one of the excellent examples of gemstones which have a long lasting beauty.

History of Ruby Engagement Rings

During the historical times, ruby was considered one of the most pried gems, and is even coined as the “King of Gems”. In history, rubies are also considered as the preferred jewels for weddings. Up until today, the ruby is considered as one of the most valued gemstones especially in different Asian cultures. It is also one of the gems placed on the crowns of British royals. As it is widely known, the giving of diamond engagement rings was started by Archduke Maximillian of Austria. In the 1870s, the diamond engagement ring tradition became popular as diamonds became more available to the public because of the discovery of many diamond mines in Africa which caused a slight lowering of the price of this stone. Then during the 17th and 18th century, jewelers started designing engagement rings with diamonds as center stones and rubies as side stones to give the engagement ring design a more romantic feel. Then came the “cheaper versions” or engagement rings were rubies were made as the center stones with smaller diamonds as the side stones which have become a popular choice for those who want to save on their budget.

Meaning of the Ruby Engagement Ring

Since rubies have a deep red color, it can symbolize deep and passionate love of a man to his future wife. This makes it a popular choice for a lot of men who are planning to propose. There are a lot of benefits to giving ruby engagement rings too.

oval-ruby-engagement-ringRuby engagement rings have multiple shades that you can choose from. What’s great is that there are so many hues of red that you can choose from, and they all symbolize romance in a way that diamond rings cannot. A lot of individuals are not aware that rubies are the second hardest gems on earth. Ruby engagement rings are the fine engagement rings which have qualities that are not far behind the diamond engagement ring. The different shades of red make it compatible to different kinds of metal color. It can go well with yellow gold, white gold or platinum. One of things that make the ruby engagement rings the next best choice is that they can fit well with different outfit colors, and it can be worn on both formal and casual days. The ruby engagement ring can also have psychological benefits to your future wife. Since rubies come in different hues of red, this can help boost a person’s enthusiasm, motivation, high energy, brain power and even sexual function.

The ruby engagement rings have also become popular because it has a lot of elegant designs from vintage to modern engagement ring styles! There are even a lot of choices where different kinds of gemstones are combines, and what makes the ruby a good center stone is that it is quite easy to combine. You can combine them with diamonds, sapphires or emerald stones, and you are surely not going to make a mistake with combining the gemstones because red compliments almost any color!

Lastly, ruby engagement rings are the best options if you are saving on your engagement ring budget. If you want to go for a brand new ring without breaking the bank by going for an expensive diamond ring, you can go for a ruby engagement ring and just go creative by choosing an elegant design. This is one way of giving a unique engagement ring which is well thought of and at the same time, not so expensive.

Ruby Enhancements

As mentioned, a lot of rubies come in different colors. The quality also varies just like the colors too. These are made possible with the use of enhancements to change the color, quality and appearance. When shopping for ruby engagement rings, it is best to understand the enhancements in order for you to select the one that fits your preference the best.

  • Ruby gemstones with E or H labels – rubies that have this label are the once with excellent stability rating. These gemstones have been subject to heat to improve their color and appearance. If you want a ruby engagement ring that does not need a lot of maintaining, then rubies that have undergone this kind of enhancement is the best option.
  • Ruby gemstones with an F label-this type of label indicates that the ruby enhancement is done by filling the surface of the ruby with lead glass to minimize the fracture and improve the gemstone’s smoothness. Ruby engagement rings with this enhancement have to avoid exposing the ring to heat and extreme pressure. This type of enhancement can also decrease the value of the ruby.
  • Rubies with D or R Labels – this label will stand for dyeing and irradiating accordingly, and has a poor stability. Rubies that have undergone this kind of enhancement have to take special care by avoiding exposure to heat, household cleaning materials and extreme pressure.

When buying a ruby engagement ring, make sure that you are getting one with the best quality! The best way to make sure that you are getting the best quality ruby engagement ring is to get them from trusted websites. To find the best styles of ruby engagement rings, you may visit or

If you are planning on getting a ruby engagement ring with a white colored metal, then it is best to go for a platinum band instead of white gold. This is because white gold engagement rings usually require rhodium plating every 3 years or so, and this can harm the rubies especially the ones that have poor stability enhancements. It will always be a good option to go for yellow gold or rose gold, or palladium or platinum in order to keep the ruby in a good condition.

We hope this gives you an idea about ruby engagement rings!