Tacori Engagement Rings

Tacori Engagement Rings

Tacori engagement rings are beautiful hand crafted rings, perfect for making that special moment extra special.

Tacori has been designing high quality engagement rings for over 30 years when the owner Haig Tacorian moved to America from Europe. Since then the company has grown to become one of the leading ring designers in the world.

Their eye for detail and exceptional high standards have been a part of thousands of proposals and weddings. Typically platinum diamond rings, Tacori engagement rings are in the higher end of the market. However the starting price for some of their cheaper ranges start from a few thousand dollars.

When getting down on one knee before even seeing the ring, if your girlfriend sees the Tacori ring box, you are already half way there!

Tacori Engagement Rings

Tacori Engagement Rings

Tacori use their experience to design rings that blend traditional values with a modern twist. This means Tacori engagement rings are synonymous with elegance, excellence and high quality fine jewellery.

While Tacori engagement rings may be out of reach financially, it might still be worth looking at their range to be inspired and get ideas of what you like, what you don’t like and above all, what your partner would like.

Buying Tacori Engagement Rings

Tacori engagement rings are sold from a number of Tacori outlets, mainly throughout the US. If you live elsewhere in the world you can buy them online, but be careful you buy from an official dealer. Unfortunately exclusive brands like Tacori is a target for fraudsters trying to sell fake goods. This is especially true online, so always check the reputation of any site before buying online.

Engraved Tacori Engagement Rings

If you want to have your Tacori engagement ring engraved, I suggest you get the official dealer to do this for you when you purchase the ring. They will understand the importance of the designer ring and will take great care when engraving. If possible, inspect the engraving before buying the ring to make sure it has been done well. Doing this through the dealer will make it easier to get any problems resolve, which can sometimes happen with other jewellers.