Second Hand Engagement Rings

Second Hand Engagement Rings

If you are seriously considering getting an engagement ring, but have budget constraints, then you can definitely go for second hand engagement rings. Since men will always want to make their proposal special to the lady that they want to have a lifetime commitment to, it is just expected that they will have second thoughts on buying second hand rings, but will definitely have difficulties in affording a brand new engagement ring. However, there are things that you have to understand in giving an engagement ring, the engagement ring is in essence, just a thing, but what it symbolizes is just the same as any expensive engagement ring will stand for and that is the intention to have a lifetime commitment with your future wife.

18ct-yellow-gold-diamond-second-hand-engagement-ringIn reality the essence of giving an engagement ring is spending for something that will spend for the love you have for your future wife, and it should not be expensive to the point that you have to break the bank! This is one of the most practical ways to propose and here are the advances of giving second hand engagement rings:

One of the things that you will have to understand is this: Your future wife will never know and you definitely don’t need to let her know that it’s a second hand engagement ring. She will never know because technically, diamonds don’t break, and it doesn’t have the wear and tear that you may be worrying about! What’s great about a diamond is that it can look just the same no matter how old it is, if you look at it with a naked eye. If it has scratches, then it’s not going to be very visible especially if it sparkles. Also, there’s no way to tell if the diamonds used on the brand new engagement rings are brand new anyway, so why bother? If you want to look for second hand engagement rings that look brand new, you can go to this cool site: You can also find high quality used engagement rings on this website:

The second thing that you will like about the second hand engagement rings is the fact that you don’t have to break the bank! Most second hand engagement rings will cost below 800USD, so you can definitely afford this especially if you use your credit card to purchase the second hand engagement ring! There are even sites where you can make a price offer or go for the “buy it now” option which has a cheap price too! You can visit to see this kind of offer on used engagement rings to maximize your budget!

second-hand-engagement-ringSince diamonds are resold, then you can contribute to the environment by choosing to go for a second hand engagement ring! There is definitely no reason why you cannot give a second hand engagement ring. To make things more interesting, you can either choose to go for a heirloom, if you have an engagement ring that has been passed on to generations so your future will feel as though she is already being welcomed as a part of the family, or you can also go for the vintage engagement rings that can still offer you a lot of savings compared to the modern engagement ring. To find the best vintage engagement rings, you can visit! To find more tips on how to choose a vintage engagement ring, you can check our vintage engagement rings page!

The best thing about getting second hand engagement rings is that you will be able to afford an engagement ring with bigger diamonds without sacrificing a lot on your budget. You can definitely save up to 70% of the price of the brand new engagement ring that has the same-sized diamond on the second hand ring! This is one way to balance off how you feel about buying a second hand engagement ring.

However, you have to be careful about buying second hand jewelry. When buying second hand jewelry, you will definitely have to check on the settings of the ring. Make sure that the settings are stable, if it’s not, your future wife may end up losing the diamond on the engagement ring, and this might not be something that you would like, especially if you paid a good price for it. Also, don’t rush yourself. Take your time doing your research. Take a look at a lot of options, in order for you to buy the right second hand engagement ring. If you can, have a professional jeweler check the engagement ring that you want to buy before finalizing your purchase.