Go For A Regal Engagement with Vintage Engagement Rings

Go For A Regal Engagement with Vintage Engagement Rings

Are you thinking of giving a vintage engagement ring to your fiancée? This may be a great idea if you want to give something that sends an impression of regality. The modern practice of giving jewelry has taken a turn into giving more ornate and more expensive pieces. In reality, the cost does not necessarily translate to the quality of the engagement rings being given. Since men in general want to give something special to the women that they want to spend their lifetimes with, there has been a rise in the importance of giving an engagement ring that can symbolize how strong the love is between the couple. Such is the case when men decide to go for vintage engagement rings to their fiancées.

In reality, vintage engagement rings are those that are between 50 to 60 years old, and most of the time, the vintage engagement rings are the ones that are passed on to younger generations within a family. The giving of such rings that has been around a certain family has symbolized honor and acceptance to the lady. However, there are cases where these vintage rings are sold off because of its value.

unusual-vintage-engagement-ringThe usual designs of vintage engagement rings are more ornate and oftentimes, it contains large stones. There are also a lot of designs available, and their appeals are also unique as vintage engagement rings do not have a lot of duplicates. A lot of men will be able to find the right engagement ring that fits the personality of the women that they want to propose to. The stones placed on vintage rings are placed at a higher value than the modernly designed rings.  If you plan to buy a vintage engagement ring, then care should be taken when inspecting the rings that you plan to buy before finalizing your purchase.

There are different types of vintage engagement rings. There are Victorian engagement rings that are made around the 1830s which have romantic designs and the word “dearest” engraved on the rings. These are the rings that usually come in yellow or rose galled with small diamond pieces. There are also the Edwardian engagement rings that have lace-like styles. There are also simple art-deco designs that you can choose from.

silver-vintage-engagement-ringWhen buying a vintage engagement ring, it is important to check the four C which are clarity, color, cut and carat. These factors will determine if the engagement ring you want to buy is worth its actual price. You also need to check the color, the grade and the cut as these will determine how long the diamond will retain its original color. Vintage rings are often available from auctions, a consignment shop of through jewelers. But you should be careful, and try to find a way for the vintage rings to be inspected first before you finalize your purchase so you don’t get cheated out of buying something that has a value that is lower than what you paid for.

One way of making sure that you are buying a good vintage ring is to buy them from reputable jewelers. You also want to make sure that you are buying an authentic vintage engagement ring because there are a lot of face pieces that are being sold. For this, you can ask for proper paperwork from the jewelers. You can also check for the stability of the setting, and make sure that the prongs are durable enough to hold down the diamond.

Hopefully, the information here has helped you know a thing or two about engagement rings.