Vintage Engagement Rings

Vintage Engagement Rings

Nowadays, since the giving of engagement rings as a sign of a lifetime commitment has become a norm, to-be-brides want to be given something unique that goes out of the normal look of modern engagement rings. This is where the giving of vintage engagement rings becomes advantageous as they don’t just represent romance, charm and uniqueness. This is a way to give an engagement ring that can be less expensive and has a more romantic design. The giving of vintage engagement rings can be very significant as there are stories that you are passing on from one owner to another, as these most oftentimes carry memories of deep love.

00-vintage-engagement-ringTypical vintage engagement rings are those which are at least 30 to 50 years old. Some of the vintage engagement rings are estate engagement rings, which are sometimes passed on from one generation to another, or some may be just newly bought for a year and is sold off as part of an estate. If you are looking for genuine vintage rings, it is best to look for the ones made before the 1950s. There are other types of vintage engagement rings which are also identified on other categories like the Georgian engagement rings, Edwardian engagement rings, Victorian engagement rings and Marquise engagement rings and Art Deco Engagement rings. The engagement rings in this category have been made with certain types of histories which can give more meaning to the rings that you are proposing with.

If you are looking for vintage engagement rings which are unique and have no replicas, you can go for a Georgian Engagement Ring. These styles of vintage engagement rings will ensure that you are getting a truly unique piece because these kinds of engagement rings were made before mass production techniques of engagement ring creation were used.

Here is a picture of a Georgian Engagement Ring.


A Victorian Antique engagement ring is one style of the vintage engagement ring made in the Victorian era. This style is often set in yellow or rose gold and have varying designs made with elegance and intricate details. Here is a picture of a Victorian engagement ring that can be used as a wedding ring or an engagement ring:


The Edwardian engagement ring is the style where romantic designs are more prominent, which most times have birds, ribbons and lacey designs are more popular. This kind of style came out after the Victorian engagement rings became a hit. Usually, this kind of engagement ring comes with rose-cut diamonds.

Below is a picture of an Edwardian engagement ring:


The Art Deco Engagement Ring style is the style that goes with a lot of geometric look. This style emerged from the Edwardian engagement ring. With the art deco engagement ring, you can have a vintage engagement ring that has similarities to the modern engagement rings.

The Art Deco Engagement Rings are one of the simplest and most beautifully crafted engagement rings! Please see the sample picture below:


The Marquise Engagement Ring is the vintage ring is a hit that started in France. The marquise engagement ring however is not the kind of engagement ring that your future wife will not be able to wear with a wedding ring on the same finger because of the cut of the marquise engagement ring.

Here is a picture of a Marquise Vintage Engagement Ring with filigree design details:


What makes the vintage engagement rings stand out from the modern engagement rings are the uniquely cut gemstones, the craftsmanship, the settings of the gemstones and the diamond quality. The vintage engagement rings have different kinds of engagement rings other than the diamond. While the normal engagement rings have diamonds as the center stone, the vintage engagement rings makes use of emerald, sapphires, pearls and opal. However, if you go for this kind of gemstones, there is a big chance that you may buy the ones that have cracks because gemstones other than diamond can be vary fragile.

One thing that you have to take note of is the authenticity of the vintage ring. There are a lot of crafted engagement rings that are meant to look like the vintage engagement ring, and a lot of people end up buying that ring because of the notion that they are buying a vintage engagement ring, however, they will be buying the engagement ring at a higher price compared to the normal price of the authentic vintage engagement ring.  So make sure that you are buying an authentic vintage ring so you can avoid being ripped off of your engagement ring budget.

One of the most important things that you have to check when buying a vintage engagement ring is the setting of the gemstones, and this goes especially for the vintage diamond engagement ring. Since the ring is in the essence, vintage, there is a big chance that the settings are not as stable as they are supposed to be. When buying your vintage engagement ring, make sure that you consult a professional jeweler to make sure that you are investing on the one that has stable settings.

There’s one other thing that sets the vintage engagement rings apart from the modern engagement ring and that is the diamond quality. As there are changing trends, you can expect that the diamonds that you will find in the vintage engagement rings will mostly have a slight tint of pink, green or yellow. That is because fancy colored diamonds were more popular during the olden times of engagement ring giving. The diamonds were also cut differently back them. This makes the vintage engagement ring more interesting as it does not go with the normal bright white diamond that is normally given nowadays.

When buying a vintage engagement ring, make sure you are buying the ones with complete documents which have a complete description, that indicates the age of the ring, the size, the condition and a full detail of the ring’s 4Cs (carat, color, clarity and cut). You may also do your research duties by consulting professional jewelers before finalizing your purchase in order for you to make sure that you are investing on the right kind of vintage engagement ring! With the vintage engagement rings, you can never go wrong as you will be able to save on your budget and you will also give a unique engagement ring that your future wife will definitely appreciate.

Get a vintage engagement ring today and make your proposal extra special.